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The Brothers Grimm School Tour

Composed by: Dean Burry

Direction: Brenna Corner

The Opera on the Avalon School Tour brings the magic of opera to children from all over the province. Opera on the Avalon has inspired and delighted students all across Newfoundland with operas adapted, or created specifically, for young audiences. The operas are performed by our Festival’s Young and Studio Artists and an informal question-and-answer period with the cast immediately follows each performance.

The mission of the school tour program is to provide a cultural and educational opportunity to St. John’s school-aged children, at no cost to them or their schools. The goals of the program are to expose children to opera, an art form that is often forgotten about in school curricula; to demonstrate the interaction of vocal and instrumental music, storytelling, acting, dance, language arts, and other educational subjects within the context; to encourage children’s love of music and give them the opportunity to expand their minds and view opera as an enjoyable experience, not an intimidating one; and to provide children with an opportunity to experience live opera.

The program includes public school children from all economic and ethnic backgrounds, and all levels of ability. The number of children we service each year is contingent on our ability to raise the funds necessary to pay for the programs, thus the generosity of patrons and donors is not only appreciated, but essential to its continuation.

For bookings, contact our office by email: admin@operaontheavalon.com or by phone: 709-738-1322.

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