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Bradbury, Keith in honour of Charles Joseph Davis

Campbell, Diane in honour of Lance Corporal Thomas Eustace

Christensen, Ane in honour of Private William Hood

Cuff, Doreen in honour of Harvey Lionel Hodge

Dale, Judy in honour of Private Michael Butler

Eaton, Robyn in honour of Private John William Billiard

Green, Gail in honour of Corporal John Thomas Kennedy

Hamilton, Sadie in honour of Private Walter John Wardrop Patrick

Harrington, Gillian & Paul in honour of Private Michael Byrne

Harris, Margaret in honour of Private Stanley Abbott and of Private Stephen Crocker Morris

Harris-Ryan Chartered Professional Accountants in honour of Private Mark Cooper, Private Joseph Cox, Private Alfred Cullen, Private Morris Dooley, Private Edward Fagan, Private James Fitzgerald, Private Francis Joseph Fleming, Private Norman Stewart Fowlow, Private John Moriarty, Private Arthur Murphy, Private William Charles Norman, Private James Organ, Private Reginald Clarence Parmiter, Private John Thomas Parsons, Private Walter Charles Peckham, Private Edward Perks, Private John Cecil Pilot, Private Alexander Pitcher, Private Alonzo Slaney, Private Frederick Charles Rumsey, Private Ernest Harris, Private Archibald Emanuel March, Private Maurice Murray, Private Robert Reeves Pyke, and Private William Small

Hearn, Judy in honour of Private George Blake Carter

Hickman, Alex in honour of Seaman William Morgan

Hickman, M. in honour of Private George Winsor

Hickman, Thomas in honour of Private Stephen Fallon

Humby, Jean in honour of her brother, Private William George Harris

Jessome, Alexander in honour of Sergeant Bertram Brown

Jessome, Benjamin in honour of Private Leo Michael Burke

Kenny’s Pond Retirement Residence and of Private John Cochrane

King, Judy in honour of Private Nathan Butler

Knight, Rosemary and her sister in honour of their uncle, Private Peter James Hudson

Naterer, Julia in honour of Boy Steward Edward Pieroway

Naterer, Veronica in honour of Private Thomas Brinton

Noel, John & Ruth in honour of All Fallen Soldiers

O’Dea, K. in honour of Private Rodger John Callahan

Patten, Anna in honour of Private William Bennett and of Private George Abbott

Skinner, Karen in honour of Lance Corporal Edward Alphonsus Ayre

Smith, Jennifer in honour of Privates James Atwill and Ernest Leslie Chafe

Squires, Susan in honour of Lance Corporal Norman Wheatley Strong

Stevens Family in honour of Private William Richards

Templeton, Bruce in honour of Captain James Ledingham

Tiffany Village Retirement Residence in honour of Private Joseph Alexander

Whiffen, Aquilla in honour of Patrick Whiffen

Yan, Judith in honour of Private Gilbert Antle


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