Opera on the Avalon

Born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, Grace Budoloski is a proud prairie girl who has been involved in theatre from an early age. Grace Budoloski has loved all forms of music, dance and story-telling since she was a little girl.

Grace has trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and musical theatre, having won the Rainbow Stage Scholarship Award in 2017. Currently she is a third year voice student at the Desautels Faculty of Music at the University of Manitoba. She has recently completed an international dance tour of Israel and Ukraine with the Ukrainian dance ensemble Rusulka, and the Israeli C’hai folk ensemble where she took workshops with GAGA and the world renowned Virsky Ukranian National Folk Dance Ensemble.

Some of her performance credits include, Young Elena in Prairie Theatre Exchange’s production of “Butcher”, selected works from “Carousel” and “Secret Garden” for the University of Manitoba’s Musical Theatre Ensemble, and stunt work for the feature film productions of “Night Hunter” and “I Still See you”.

A daughter of a dance teacher and a music teacher/naval reserve conductor, and sister of a rock and roll musician, Grace comes by her love of music honestly. Throughout her childhood, she has been exposed to a life in the arts. Grace feels that she is especially well-prepared for the role of Meg Giry as she has been staging one-woman re-enactments of Phantom of the Opera in her living room since she was 13 years old. Grace can’t wait to step into Meg’s pointe shoes, and she is truly elated to be a part of this exciting production.