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Photos by David Howells | The Rock Performs, Opera on the Avalon

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Latest Videos

Abra Whitney – The Rock Performs

For the next instalment in The Rock Performs series, we have OOTA’s own Abra Whitney.…

Alanna Fraize – The Rock Performs

In sunny Fogo, Alanna Fraize performs Kate Read’s arrangement of “Ah! The Sea” by Ged…

Andy Jones – The Rock Performs

In this instalment of The Rock Performs, Andy Jones walks Cobbler’s Path in Logy Bay,…

Cheryl Hickman – The Rock Performs

For this instalment of The Rock Performs, please welcome Cheryl Hickman! Singing the traditional song…

David Pomeroy – The Rock Performs

On the edge of the Southern Shore, David Pomeroy sings the Ode to Newfoundland at…

Deidre Gillard-Rowlings – The Rock Performs

Resonating through the fireweed and across Summerside Beach in Cow Head, Deidre Gillard-Rowlings encapsulates the…
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