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Photos by David Howells | The Rock Performs, Opera on the Avalon

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Latest Videos

Eastern Owl – The Rock Performs

On Topsail Beach, Eastern Owl performs their song “Henrietta” inspired by the story of Henrietta…

George Masswohl – The Rock Performs

With “Theresa Maria” by Hugh Scott, George Masswohl and The Rowdymen bring the best kind…

Hilary Knee – The Rock Performs

Hilary Knee brings a dream to life, accompanied by Anita Best & Pamela Morgan’s beloved…

Jodee Richardson – The Rock Performs

Opera on the Avalon is honoured to present “Just After You Say”. Concept and song…

Judith Yan – The Rock Performs

It is our great pleasure to introduce Maestro Judith Yan, Music Director and Resident Conductor…

Kelly-Ann Evans – The Rock Performs

In this instalment of The Rock Performs, mystery and magic come together as Kelly-Ann Evans…
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