Opera on the Avalon

Kate Stenson is a multi-disciplinary theatre artist with a Masters degree in material & cultural history, and an unhealthy obsession with stationary. After five years in the Toronto indie theatre world, she was drawn home to the vibrant community in St. John’s, where she’s had the immense pleasure of working with many of our city’s amazing actors, artists, musicians, clowns, and drag royalty. Thank you for supporting the arts – we can’t do it without you! 

Select credits: Shanawdithit ; Ours (Opera on the Avalon); The Haunting of Margaret Duley (PerSIStence Theatre); CircusFest Cabaret ; CircusFest Under the Big Top (Wonderbolt Circus); Shakespeare by the Sea Festival 2019; PIANOMEN (Theatre St. John’s); The Boor & The Door (Team Broken Earth); Ori (Bruno Vinhas & Corie Harnett);Laughing Wild ; Moral Deficit (Skipping Stones Theatre); Room for Failure (Wolf Manor Theatre Collective); and many weeks as DJ Kate at RuPaul’s Drag Race Live with Irma Gerd.