Opera on the Avalon

Stella Heald is a Level 2 student at Holy Heart of Mary where she is enrolled in the Performing Arts Certificate Program and is a member of the Chamber Choir. Past performance credits include ​Tosca ​ , ​Dead Man Walking ​ ,​ Sweeny Todd ​ , ​Carousel, Ours ​ and ​Midsummer Night’s Dream ​ with Opera on the Avalon; ​Scrooge, Santa’s Place, ​ and ​Wizard of Oz ​ with Peter MacDonald Productions; ​Pirates of Penzance ​ with Best Kind Productions; and ​Shrek: The Musical ​ with Etcetera Productions. A classically-trained singer, she was recently awarded the 2018 Royal Conservatory Gold Medal for the Atlantic Region for Level 5 Voice.