75×75 Logo Reveal

Published 06 Sep, 2023

“A sunrise is the ultimate reset button – no matter what kind of day you had before, you get to start fresh each morning. A sunrise breathes life into all things; it marks the beginning of a new day, and a fresh outlook for everyone it touches. Some days are triumphs of happiness and success while others are filled with setbacks and sorrow — the one thing we can rely on is that chance to reset and try again we are offered each and every day.

Confederation is like the sun, a fresh start in Newfoundland & Labrador, which at times feels like the best decision our province ever made, and at times is filled with complicated conversations forcing us to re-evaluate our views, goals and how we see our surroundings. We are hard-working people, proud to our core, and optimistic that each day will bring us new adventures and good times. We may have been last to join Canada, but are first to feel the sun.“

Jud Haynes, designer